Metropolitans for Sale

Are you looking to buy or sell a Metropolitan? You’ve come to the right place! Below is a list of Metropolitans for sale by their owners. If you want to browse through cars we have sold in the past, CLICK HERE. Some were complete restorations, and others were repaired and made road-worthy.

The information in the listings below is provided to us by the sellers. Metropolitan Pit Stop, Inc. does not endorse, verify, or guarantee the accuracy of any of the information provided, including physical and mechanical condition, mileage, proof or ownership, etc. We have not inspected any of the cars listed here. Please contact the seller for any questions regarding the condition of the car, and perform any due diligence to verify the information provided.

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1955 Hudson Metropolitan – Bakersfield, CA – $3,000

1959 Metropolitan – Delevan, NY – $6750

1957 Metropolitan – Kansas City, MO – $8000

SOLD! 1955 Nash Metropolitan – North Hollywood, CA – $12,900

SOLD! 1956 Metropolitan – North Hollywood, CA – $12,000