Customers bring Metropolitans to us from all over the United States. Why? To obtain a superior restoration for less money than their local shop can provide. How can that be? Because other shops have to learn about Metropolitans, researching for original details and studying whatever information they can find.

Our skilled technicians work exclusively on Metropolitans, possessing expert knowledge of all aspects of the car, inside and out. Likewise, while others must hunt for correct parts, our complete parts inventory is located in the same building as the shop, enabling our technicians to work efficiently.

When a Metropolitan arrives, our technicians perform a thorough examination of the car. A written assessment is prepared, including estimates to rebuild, refurbish or replace each substandard component.

Owner preferences such as body color, upholstery fabric, etc. are noted. The total estimated price is based on the condition of the car and the degree of restoration desired.

An initial deposit of 25% of the total estimated price is required to begin the restoration. The customer is kept well informed as we move through each stage of restoration. Interim bills are provided as the work progresses.

Due to the age of Metropolitans, we’ve found that there can be many surprises revealed during the disassembly process. Regardless, we will not exceed the estimated price without first advising the customer of our findings, providing an explanation and receiving an approval to proceed.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation please call Justin at 818-769-1515 or email

We welcome you to visit us and view some of the Metropolitans we’ve restored, currently on exhibit in our museum, or check out some photos of recent restorations below.