Mery M | Arcadia, CA

What an awesome shop. I came in with lots of questions and the owner/staff took the time to explain what I should look for when purchasing a Metro. It’s hard to find amazing customer service but this shop proves there are great people out there!

Mike D | Chesapeake, VA

Just fantastic, especially with technical advice. The highest recommendation!

Bill S | San Dimas, CA

Justin, thank you so much for your great customer service. Your whole staff and family members were all so kind and made us feel right at home. Thank you for taking the time with us. I know you stayed late to get my estimated costs to me, again thank you. Let’s take care of shifting, oil, rear service, shocks and check brakes. I will give you a call We. AM to talk about other work. Again thank you for your super great service, it’s a rare thing nowadays.

Warren B | Kitchener, Australia

I have recently received some light lenses from you and found the experience of dealing with you great. I would just like to thank you for being so easy to deal with, your website is easy to use and your products are well priced combined with quick delivery. It’s a shame other companies don’t follow your fine example. I would recommend your company to everyone.

Leonard S | Sanford, FL

This place is amazing. They had all the original parts I needed to do the restoration work on my 55 Metro.

Cindy R | Folsom, CA

Just picked up 1958 Metropolitan. It was a barn find and did not run for 10 years. I brought it here and now she runs great! Thank you for the time and attention to detail you gave our Molly so I can now drive her!

Ray F | Hayward, CA

This project wouldn’t be possible without you and your company. Thanks Metropolitan Pit Stop for having such pleasant people that take the time to make things right.

Bob M | Winnipeg, Canada

You run a very classy establishment, and service and attitude like this is not very common anymore. I’m proud to do business with you.

Bret C | Brush Prairie, WA

Thank you very much for the info. We have had our mechanic order all our parts from you as well as some on our own. You all should be very proud of what you are part of – a business that provides fair prices while still providing superior service. That’s how you keep customers for life. I will be sure my son knows where to buy parts when the metro is his…it will be awhile longer though.

Wendy S | Pipe Creek, TX

My parts show up fast and always perfect! Very nice people and sooo helpful!

Bill D | Boulder, CO

I enjoyed my visit with you and the tour of your Metropolitan Museum on my trip to Los Angeles to visit my kids. I continue to work on my 1958 Nash Metropolitan convertible and am almost ready to start it up and am putting the finishing touches on the convertible top.

I want to also commend and thank Mark who has been helpful in supporting me on this restoration. He’s been patient and more than willing to answer my questions even when some are pretty basic. Seems like something will always come up where I need his expertise. It’s good to know that I have Mark and Metropolitan Pit Stop as a resource. Thanks again!

Nathan H | Pasadena, CA

Here is a picture of my unrestored 1959 Metropolitan Nash Fixed Head Coupe (‘FHC’) on the World famous Mulholland Highway. This car retains it’s original 1500cc engine and is a daily driver as well as my favorite touring and rally car.

I keep it on the road with parts from Metropolitan Pit Stop in North Hollywood, CA, as they have the right parts that fit and work, in stock. Good customer service, too.

Tori M | Grover Beach, CA

I wanted to simply say thank you for the catalog and for your efforts to keep our little car hobby alive. I know the costs of doing business in California. How the Valentines even manage to keep the doors open in Southern California and keeping a fleet of museum quality cars on display is truly a testament to their efforts and love for the car. These guys have always been here for us and maintain a very decent parts inventory ready for our call. Thanks for what you do. Little as it might be…you have my business.

Carol D | Kansas City, MO

First of all, let me say how pleased I am with the level of attention and communication Steve is devoting to me and Bubbles. He has been so respectful and forthcoming with information and explanations if I don’t understand what the heck he’s talking about. I knew I was sending Bubbles to a good place, but I feel very secure about the standard of service that she and I will receive. Thank you!!!

David D | San Jose, CA

I purchased my Metropolitan with a goal of restoring it back to near showroom condition/daily driver. I found Metropolitan Pit Stop – what a life saver they became to my Metropolitan.

When my Metropolitan was getting very close to being completed, I scheduled an appointment to come down to North Hollywood and make some final decisions about the outside mirrors and the interior. I can’t express in words how happy I was when I saw how beautifully restored my Metropolitan was. I was taken into the onsite museum…this allowed me to personally see firsthand the types of choices I had for the mirrors, interior, wide whitewall tires and some other items that were to be added to my Metropolitan.

In late April I received a call from June. She inquired if I would be interested in entering my Metropolitan in an upcoming car show. I thought that would be great. She told me the location and time of the show. I checked my calendar and found out I had a conflict with some college classes I was taking. I asked June if the shop could take my car down to the show and present my Metropolitan on my behalf. June said they would be delighted to take my car to the show and present it.

The Monday following the show I received a call from June. June told me my Metropolitan had won both “Best Metropolitan Hardtop” and “Best Metropolitan of the Show”. I was so overjoyed with happiness. It just goes to show you if you take it to the experts in Nash Metropolitans you get a supremely restored vehicle.

I’m an extremely happy customer of Metropolitan Pit Stop. They were very thorough in communicating information to me and keeping me apprised of the work as it was taking place. If you own a Metropolitan and want to repair or restore it, this is the only place you would ever want to take it to.

One extremely happy customer and proud owner of a 1956 Nash Metropolitan.

Bryan T | Santa Ana, CA

I want to thank you and your company for your sponsorship of “The Metronator”. It was a big hit at the APEX/SEMA show in the Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas in November. We took it to a local car show Nov. 9 and the Metro took 3 trophies including “Best of Show”. The Metro went to the John Force’s Holiday car show on Dec. 7, where it won “Best of Show”. Next, it will be on display at the Grand National Roadster Show on Jan. 23-25. Your participation in providing needed parts for the Metro is very much appreciated.

Mike & Solveig B | Hertfordshire, UK

Just a note to thank you very much for your hospitality on our recent visit to the Pit Stop whilst on holiday in California. It was one of the highlights of our holiday and we found your collection of unique Mets fascinating. Thank you for all the time that you took to explain their history to us. If you are ever over “the pond” and down our way, please call in – there is always a warm pint of English beer awaiting you.

Marian L | Queenstown, New Zealand

We received the upholstery and other pieces yesterday…very happy with the upholstery and yes, it does look very easy to fit. Thank you for the good service.

Smitty R | Boulder City, NV

Just a quick note to let you know what a joy it is to deal with your organization. I’ve restored and built dozens of cars over the years Model T’s, A’s, race cars, hot rods and motorcycles, etc. but few have been as enjoyable as the little Metro. The reason for this is simple – it’s you guys. You always have what I need in stock at a fair price and I have never had such prompt shipping. And talking to you on the phone is enjoyable whether ordering or just shooting the breeze. Because of your wonderful attitudes and parts availability, I may be doing a convertible soon to go with the hardtop. In closing, I just want to thank you again and I hope to talk to you soon.

George S | San Diego, CA

If you are reading this you are at the Best Site! Bookmark it right away! I’ve started a new project on a 1962 Metropolitan a week and a half ago. I’ve had to call June, Mark and the crew almost every day for more parts or information. I have been so happy. I’m an old guy, and their web site is great, but I need help and they have been the best! Stuff goes out same day if you call early enough. Thanks MetPitStop!

Jim V | New Bloomfield, MO

The parts I ordered were correct, fit well and shipped quick. Also the prices were ok for the quality of parts, I will be ordering again. Thank you, Jim

David S | Ewing, NJ

All the good comments are valid. I felt the same since 1982 when I first visited with Mr. Valentine. I have had great service over all these years.


Thank you Mark! That wiring diagram for the 4 wire ignition switch is what i needed. Your knowledge is obvious. My first metropolitan rework, must be your millionth. Thank you!

Chris D | British Columbia, Canada

I received my parts order in about ten days up in BC. Just like Christmas. Thank you for being there.

Matt C | Hampshire, England

Always helpful, nothings a issue to these guys. I got sent my requested parts catalogue here to me in England UK. Any enquires I have get their immediate attention with a reply. Thank you June and staff at The Pit Stop.

Jim C | Okemos, MI

Like a number of Met owners, I wanted to have a Flying Lady hood ornament adorn the hood of my Metropolitan. Last year I located and purchased one from Europe. Little did I know at the time, that I needed a base and rubber gasket to properly install it. I called Justin and he said he thought he might have those items. Sure enough, the next day he contacted me and told me he did locate both items. He sent them, along with the installation instructions. The instructions gave me the confidence to complete the installation. It looks fabulous. Thanks Justin for your assistance!