Welcome to our family of Metropolitan owners!

We maintain a complete inventory of all 14,726 parts that Nash, Hudson and AMC Metropolitans are made of and ship parts out every day to places all over the world. Because of our huge inventory, many of these parts are still being added to the site. Everything is in stock at all times so you never have to wait for back-ordered items. Be confident our parts put inside, outside or underneath a Met will fit, look and work right, plus are safe and reliable. To order a free parts catalog, call 800-677-5519 or Download Catalog

Metropolitans are brought to us from all over the United States to obtain an extraordinary restoration. Every Metropolitan we take in is treated with expert care. Whether the desired result is to be an award-winner, a stunning pleasure vehicle or good-looking daily driver, every Metropolitan is restored with meticulous attention to detail.

Many customers bring their Metropolitans to us for repairs as well as for routine maintenance. Our technicians are Metropolitan specialists and all parts are in stock, so repairs proceed quickly and efficiently.

We’re happy to answer technical questions for our customers. Simply call us at 818-769-1515 or e-mail: info@metpitstop.com

We invite you to visit our Museum, featuring the prototype Metropolitan station wagon and the incredible Metropolitan ‘Astra-Gnome’ concept car!