Interior trim panel kit: hardtop – white upper/black lower (up to E-59047)


Part #: 89606

Door panel set: upholstered

Curved divide, white on top

Kick panel

Black, left side

Kick panel

Black, right side

Rear belt rail 5-piece set (hardtop)


Rear seat heelboard

Availability: In stock

Wheelhouse cover set



Availability: In stock

Clip: door panel × 24

Availability: In stock

Screw/washer: trim panel × 60

Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock


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Save $25 off retail! Includes all interior panels & mounting hardware.

*This kit includes white on the upper part of the door panels and the rear belt rail panels. This is the opposite of original, but keeps the lower part of the door panels and kick panels from getting scuffed and dirty.

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