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Los Angeles Magazine, December 1996 :
Without a doubt, the key to understanding Metropolitan life is a visit to the Metropolitan Pit Stop, a paean to all things Metropolitan located on a busy commercial strip in North Hollywood.

The Metropolitan Pit Stop is the place to have your Met brought up to snuff. But more important, it’s the site of the museum of Metropolitans. The vehicles on display are themselves remarkable, including one of the earliest examples produced, the NKI (Nash Kelvinator International), built even before they had thought up the Metropolitan moniker. It also has the hook and ladder fire truck, the Pinin Farina station wagon prototype and the Astra-Gnome, which graced the cover of the September 3, 1956 issue of Newsweek. Jim discovered this long-lost piece…in a New York loft (he had to arrange for the elevator to be taken apart to get yesterday’s car of tomorrow down to street level). 
- Bob Merlis

The Wall Street Journal, September 11, 1985 :
Some people thought she was the homeliest thing ever to arrive from abroad, but Jim Valentine thought she was cute. In fact, he fell hood over wheels in love with her. As the owner of the Metropolitan Pit Stop, Mr. Valentine makes his living selling Metropolitan parts, restoration work and Metropolitans. He has more than 1,000 pieces of Metropolitan memorabilia and his wife, Eve, has sometimes wondered whether he was losing his marbles over the car.

The Met…wasn’t a hot seller in its time, and a disenchanted AMC dumped it in 1961. But the little vehicle with the art deco look has simply refused to die.
- William Blundell

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